5 Beauty Blogs You Need to Bookmark Right Now

New beauty blogs pop up almost as fast as one can count to three.  Each comes with a unique perspective full of gainful insight and fresh ideas further proving that the value that bloggers and vloggers have brought to the beauty industry is an invaluable one that is not slowing down anytime soon. While we are always on the lookout for the next big beauty blogging superstar, we think it is best to start off by recognizing the OGs who paved the way for all of us to have a platform.

Despite the influx of new voices, we a lot of times rely on the familiar voices and the trusted opinion of veteran thought leaders.  In this MyLuxeur edit, we will share our top 5 beauty bloggers who have withstood the test of time and editors that have, without fail, proven to serve as a great resource in the beauty community.